Sixteen Truths

Sixteen Truths:

1. True beauty is not of the face, but of the soul. Without true beauty of soul, a pretty face is a dangerous gift.

2. Learn God’s truth, and refuse to believe the lies Satan whispers in your ear.16b

3. God doesn’t need you (or anyone else), but He wants you. Join Him and experience His blessing in life!

4. Your life’s work is very important. But your heart is what defines you…not what you do (your profession, etc).

5. Keep the upward trajectory. You’ll never be perfect on this side of heaven, but we should be becoming more like Jesus each year of our life.

6. Give thanks in all things. It is impossible to give thanks and feel fear at the same time.

7. Take care of yourself. You are His temple. Keep on exercising, eating right, sleeping well, etc. No one can do that for you!

8. Each day is a gift. God owns tomorrow. We are responsible for our use of today. Don’t waste time worrying.

9.The way we live ought to manifest the truth of what we believe. A disordered life speaks loudly of disorder in the soul.

10. Have a cheerful countenance. Master the art of being sunny – even under the shadows (trials) that come your way. Keep God’s perspective.

11. Be able to make up your own mind, to make decisions, to be sure of yourself. If you choose wrong, turn back. None of us are perfect!

12. Be responsible. Evasion of responsibility is the mark of immaturity. To do right will often cost a struggle, but it is always worth the effort. What ought I do?

13. Christian love is action. Keep on doing what is good. You are preparing now to be a wonderful wife and mother as you minister at home as a daughter and sister.16

14. Be sincere. Learn to be honest with yourself and others, though it may be costly and difficult.

15. Fight selfishness. Saying yes to happiness often means saying no to yourself.

16. Keep studying God’s Word and learning from Him. Go to Him for strength and wisdom. He is your only hope.


I wrote this list for a precious young lady on her birthday.

16 truths for her 16th birthday.

It’s a list that I could put on my nightstand and read repeatedly myself.


You know what they say? “You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.”

Keep the truth always in front of you, friend.

It will set you free! (John 8:32)