Digital Back-to-School Plan

Life has gone digital!

As a culture, we’re becoming more and more adapt at interacting with … a screen.

It’s how we’re spending our time.

It’s becoming a way of existence.


Technology has suddenly become a force to be reckoned with.


A while back, I wrote about the need to discipline our use of technology. (Catch it HERE if you missed it.) About our need to be intentional.

Today, I wanted to offer you a written “contract” to help you and your family in this area…

to help you safely control the amount of time spent in the black hole of digital media.


Because no matter what type of schooling you choose for your child(ren),digital

YOU will always be your child’s first and best teacher.

As such, you are the one they will most likely model in thoughts, attitude and actions.

Even media consumption habits.


In light of that, here’s a question to consider: how much time are you on-line each day?

Is your time being wastefully spent or wisely invested?


It’s tricky, you see. Because we can justify….

I’m not playing video games.

I’m not spending hours watching You Tube.

What I’m doing is important.


But, as is true with all other screen-activities, I can become absorbed in my media-of-choice

and before I know it, too much time has passed.

And here is where the rubber meets the road.


No matter WHAT I was doing when I was engaged in screen-time,digital 1

I was spending time with IT and not with THEM…


The form below is taken from The Digital Invasion website. This link HERE will give you several other contract options (adult, child, and teenage pledges/agreements) as well as an internet addiction test and many other free resources.


If it hasn’t become one already, dealing with technology is going to be an issue for most parents in a relatively short time.

And, as I’ve said before, foresight is a parent’s finest weapon.

So check out the contract below. Print one for your home or make your own contract. It may just be the best “back to school” planning you’ll do this year!


Family Digital Use Contract

1. I commit to not hide my activities I am doing online and on my phone from other members of my family.

2. I commit to not share personal information to anyone.

3. I commit to limit my time on the computer to _______________ hours a week.

4. I commit to limit time my time spent gaming to _______________ hours a week.

5. I commit to be responsible for my password and will not share it with people outside the family.

6. I commit to be respectful and practice responsible behavior not insulting people or sending mean messages online; or in a text or comment.

7. I commit to not purchase anything online or enter a credit card for any reason without asking my parent first.

8. I commit to not copying, pasting or sending a message to someone else if that message was meant only for me.

9. I commit to give credit to others when I cite, quote, or copy their ideas or images from any sources.

10. I commit to not fill out surveys or questionnaires online and will not give out my specific information about where I live or where I go during the day.

11. I commit to download or use copyrighted materials only when they are legal to do so or I have sought and received permission to use them.

12. I commit that I will tell someone in the family if I experience something online that makes me feel bad or that I feel is inappropriate.

13. I commit that the following locations will be digital free zones: __________________________________________________________________

14. I commit that when I am at the dinner table with family I will put my phone and other digital gadgets away.

15. I commit to spend _____________ hours a week doing activities with my family members.


Date: _______ Child Signature: ______________ Parent Signature: _____________________



Here’s another idea. Click HERE, print the “Pick 1” image, frame it and follow its advice.

Remember, their eyes are on YOU.


Be the type of media-consumer you’re hoping your kids will become!


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