Pass the Mustard

Mustard is a very popular condiment in many American households! That’s true of our home as well. My one son in particular finds mustard irresistible… I mean he LOVES it. (He’s happily received a bottle or two as gifts in the past!) This guy will put it on any foods we allow him to, consuming as much per day as we’ll tolerate. He uses so much of it that I’m always watching to see if his skin is starting to turn a bit jaundice looking!

4mustardAs a cautious parent that tries to make careful decisions about the foods we devour, I’ve done quite a bit of reading and research in the fodder department but I’d never checked into ‘mustard’. For self-condolence, I’d always told myself that of all the condiments to choose from, mustard must be the healthiest choice, right? (I mean it’s gotta be a lot better than ketchup anyway.) But until now, it was a bunch of uninformed self-talk. I was just telling myself what I hoped to be true about this best-loved sauce … (ever done anything like that before?).

Well, August 5 is National Mustard Day! And since mustard is getting some national attention today, I did a bit of digging and found a few items of interest to share with you. (And they make me pretty happy with my son’s yellow-bottle companion.)


Health & nutritional benefits of mustard:

*Mustard seeds have been used for about 5000 years.

*The mustard seed used in the favorite yellow condiment mustard is packed with omega-3, omega-6, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

*Mustard seeds have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties… making them very useful for purging the digestive system and increasing the body’s natural defense system.

*Both the Romans and the Greeks used mustard seeds both in the kitchen and medicinally.mustard

*It is actually one of the most popular spices traded in the world today.

* Mustard seeds can (ready for this list???) help control symptoms of asthma, can help you lose weight, can slow aging, can protect you from gastrointestinal cancer, help with migraines, relieve joint and muscle pain, lower cholesterol, stimulate hair growth, fight infection, hydrate skin, and improve immunity.


Of course, all bottles of mustard are NOT created equally. You’ll want to choose the brand with the shortest, simplest and most recognizable ingredient list… the one that contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. But after that? Go for it!

Pass the mustard, Son. I’m going to raise the white flag and surrender. I guess your mountainous mustard consumption isn’t a big deal after all.


A search on “health benefits of mustard”

will reveal a number of interesting articles.

Here’s one great source that’s

easy to read

if you’re looking for more information :


One thought on “Pass the Mustard

  1. Jacinda, This was a lot of great knowledge about mustard!! I will think about it the next time I have a burger and put mustard on it!!

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