Failures and Frappuccinos

I have already

run the dishwasher,

put away every

squeaky-clean plate

and sparkling glass;


but I have not yet

tackled the leaning tower

of soggy cereal bowls,

or that pan,

thick with bacon fat.


I have already

pulled warm, snapping towels

out of the dryer and into

my arms, folded them

in neat stacks;


but I have not yet

sorted the piles of soiled

clothes, or washed them

of their stains and

ripe smells.


I have already

drawn my children near,

tucked hair behind their ears,

told them how much

I love them;


but I have not yet

made it through a day

loving perfectly,

free of discontent, guilt,

or fear.   –by Sarah Dunning Park


Is it possible to feel like you’re accomplishing some things and yet failing at the same time? In so much of life…

As a parent, there are several things that will always be a work in progress. Meals, dishes, laundry… and loving perfectly.

Thank God that His mercies are new every morning. Thank Him that His love never fails, it never gives up, and it never runs out on me.

Sometimes, a Momma needs to give herself permission to sit back, put up her feet, and sip on a cold, sweet drink. Whether it looks like it or not at this very moment, she IS accomplishing quite a bit because she is being a mother…. And there is no other job quite as important as that.

So this one’s for you- a frappuccino recipe. It makes two 16oz glasses – one for you and one for another mom-friend that could use a pick-me-up! Whip up a frothy, caffeinated beverage and spend some time encouraging one another. There’s a lot left to be done, yes. But there’s so much that you’re already doing too. Take a deep breath. Take one day at a time. And keep up the good work! No one else can do it quite like you.


Combine the following ingredients in a blender.

¾ c. double-strength coffee **

3T. sugar

1 c. milk

2 c. ice

3 T. Hershey’s chocolate syrup or caramel



*Double-strength coffee is made by either cutting the amount of water you normally use to brew your pot of coffee in half… or doubling the amount of coffee beans you use for the pot. Either way, it’ll turn out a bit stronger! Just the way you’ll want it for this tasty recipe.

The poem at the beginning of this post, by Sarah Dunning Park, is titled Already But Not Yet and is published in her book “What It Is Is Beautiful – honest poems for mothers of small children”.

The Frappuccino recipe was taken from the website Comfy in the Kitchen, (


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