Sand Painting

Some things sound too good to be true.sand

Like that message Rico Suave left on your phone to tell you of the “free” cruise you just won.

(Yeah, right. What’s the catch?)


How about this one:

Craft time:



and all the mess out-of-doors.

Huh? Too good to be true?

NO!!! This one CAN be a reality! (With no catch!)


The next time you go to the beach, bring a quart or gallon-sized ziplock bag.

Before packing up the towels and sand toys, fill the bag with some clean, soft beach sand.sand paint 2

Bring the sand home, place it in your craft cabinet and wait.



Wait for it….


Then, on one of those days toward the end of summer when

you WISH you had something new and exciting to bring out

as a change of pace for the busy brood under your wings…

something to keep the kids happy and busy,

something that makes you look, once again, like Super Mom…

pull out that bag of sand!!!


It’s time to SAND PAINT!

                *Remember… this is strictly an OUTSIDE craft!

  1. Pour the sand into small jars.
  2. Add food coloring to each jar. Shake well.sand paint

(Make as many different shades of colored sand as you want.)

  1. Draw a picture (in pencil) on a sheet of cardstock or a small section of cardboard.
  2. Trace your pencil lines in Elmer’s glue. (Or spread it around for filled-in sections.)
  3. Sprinkle (with your fingers, with a spoon, or with a perforated lid on the jar) different colors of sand on your glue-artwork.
  4. Wait about 15 minutes.
  5. Gently shake off the excess sand.
  6. Enjoy another piece of glorious creativity!


This beautiful artwork is the perfect kind to hang on the garage wall, in the playhouse, or in a covered frame!

It’s a good idea NOT to tack this one up in Sammy’s bedroom!

However, if you have some colored sand left over, here’s another simple project.

Find a small, clear, sealable container – an empty salad-dressing bottle for example, or a jam jar –

and let the sweet young ones layer the colored sand in it.

First a little blue, then a layer of red, and then purple. Then repeat.

Little Sally can put it on her dresser for a new decoration!        

sand paint 1(Just be sure to super-glue that lid in place first!)


Be outdoors.

Be crafty.

Have fun!



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