Sweet Candy for Sale!

Having five children with food allergies is challenging on a daily basis,

but even more so when you try to find ‘special treats’ –candy

more specifically, CANDY

that they can all enjoy… like ‘normal’ kids!


Of all the food issues we deal with,

a corn-allergy is one of the most irritating.

Corn is in everything!

Okay, not really EVERYTHING, but it sure feels like it!

Have you ever investigated all the hidden names for corn in common products? Aye!


candy1This month, June, is NATIONAL CANDY MONTH.

And while it’ll be quite some time before you need to stock up

for the events in which candy is inevitable… Halloween, Christmas, & Easter…

there are often parties and parades in the summer where candy is handed out.

Might as well be prepared!


Here’s a fabulous website, www.naturalcandystore.com, that has all sorts of candy for sale.

It is an amazing site! Their slogan is ‘All the FUN without the FUNNY stuff!’candy2

Here’s just a taste of how specific and specialized (and FUN) this candy store really is.


You can sort by:

candy types (27 different types, to be exact! Breath mints, brittle, candy bars, candy canes, candy coated chocolate, candy mixes, caramels, and on and on and on!),

featured candies (new, best sellers, sale, staff picks, current FREE samples, and so forth),

brands (Amy’s, Enjoy Life, Jelly Bellys, Yummy Earth, etc!),candy3

baking (natural food colors, sprinkles, drops, add-ins, sauces, DIY kits),

bulk (want a 12-pack? How about a 10lb case? You choose!),

party (baby shower candy, birthday candy, piñata candy, wedding candy… search by color, search by flavor),

gifts (get a gift certificate for that special someone!!),

& seasonal (depending on what holiday is closest, you’ll find special candies for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc).


Here are a few more categories to browse at this great site:

Organic, dye-free, GMO-free,

Allergy-friendly (free of all 8major food allergens),

Gluten-free, vegan, fair trade, made in USA,

& special diets advanced search

(my FAVORITE!!! 39 choices…or any combination of those!!!)

This site is absolutely incredible.


Since this store isn’t just around the corner, it would be best to get a nice size order togethercandy4

and have it shipped all at once. It may as well be on your shelf,

waiting for that next big party! And, hey, since it IS national CANDY month,

why don’t you put an order in real soon?

Sounds like a sweet idea to me!


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