Cold Treats for Hot Days

Earlier this year, I shared our homemade root beer recipe with you,

hotand last year I told you about making homemade ice cream.

Both of those are great options for summertime entertaining.

Here are a few more choices to cool off the crew this summer….

each one is easy, inexpensive, and kid-approved.



First, a tasty apple-slushy.hot1

Apple sorbet

1 ¼ c. unsweetened applesauce

6 oz frozen apple juice concentrate

½ t. cinnamon

¼ t. nutmeg

Freeze the applesauce in an ice cube tray overnight.

Remove from the freezer and let warm 10-15 minutes.

Put the juice concentrate and the spices in a blender. Mix.

Add partly-unthawed applesauce cubes (2 at a time) and blend till smooth.



Now, a fun fizzy drink without the unnecessary preservatives.

Homemade grape pop

1 liter club soda (about 32 oz)hot2

3oz frozen grape juice concentrate (or whatever flavor you choose)

Put the juice concentrate in a pitcher. Add the club soda.

Stir carefully.

Drink happily!


And finally, how about some popsicles?


Purchase a plastic freezer pop mold (or ask your mother or grandma to look in the back of their cupboard!).

Add something liquidy (In other words, experiment and have fun!) and freeze it!

Some of our favorites?

  • Blend up some fruit with a bit of Almond drink… and freeze it!
  • Pour in your favorite beverage… and freeze it!hot3
  • Like drinking Chocolate Milk? Freeze it!
  • A touch of ice cream and some homemade jam… freeze it!

Any flavor of popsicle is a great idea for a sunny summer day… and when you’re using the ingredients you already have in your home, you’re making the tasty treat for mere pennies.

However you choose to make them, just keep those popsicle molds filled and in your freezer.

They make a splendid treat!


Keep cool!


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