Lunch at the Beach

Cheery children

Windswept beachbeach1

The aroma of sunscreen

Waves lapping the shore

Sandblazed bodies

Suntanned cheeks

Happy families


Suddenly, from the peaceful shoreline, comes The Question.

“Mom? I’m hungry! Do you have anything to eat?”

Oh yes, you knew it was coming.


It comes regularly… no matter where you may be…

at this same time every day.


“Come and see!” you call out merrily…

merrily, because you’re a momma of foresight ! You came prepared!!

First, you instruct the kids to use the big jug of water to rinse their sandy hands.beach4

Then they reach into the insulated cooler bag to get their personal water-bottle.

You calmly pass out individually packaged (and personally labeled) containers of food

from your very own kitchen. Most of the food is devoured, but

the leftovers are kept for later on.

(And since it’s all labeled, it’s kept safe from Mr. Bottomless Pit… for Miss Grazing Girl.)


Tasty, easy-to-eat, healthy yet fun food…

such as:

breakfast bars, granola bars

plain popcorn

yogurt, applesaucebeach3

cheese sticks

fresh fruit, raw veggies

burritos or wraps


You were not afraid of The Question, oh Mother of Foresight.

YOU were ready!



Snacks by the sea shore,

or lunch on the lake…



Whatever you’ve called it, it’s been a success!

You’ve effectively fed your flock

and sent them back to creative play in the natural world,

at the beach,

without a bunch of stress or excess spending…

because you planned ahead!


Way to go, Mom! I’m proud of you! (And so are your kids!)


Timely Tip:

Do your best to avoid

overly sweet, sticky foods…

and anything salty

when picnicking at the beach!


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