This Is Your Life (Part II)

Last week, I posted the first part of a spring-time journey that I took… and today I want to let you finish reading it. After traveling all day, I’d found that the path had led me to the place where the river met up with the sea. As I sat and thought about the journey, I heard the whispering voice of God speaking to my heart. This is what He said to me.

“This path you’ve been on is a picture of your lifetime, my daughter. It started out so quiet and free, a solitary line in the meadow decorated with flowers and grasses, sunshine and breeze, laughter and carefree play. The periodlife of glorious childhood. This is how I planned it to be. I sent the sunshine. I sent the gentle breeze. I provided the beauty in My creation for you.  

                But the time of childhood and childish things came to a close, and the forested portion shows the changes you went through in your journey to become the women I have called you to be. Things seemed so different, so strange, when you entered this stage of your life2life. But you learned to adapt and enjoy the beauty of girlhood as well, my daughter. You learned to look at life in a new way, to appreciate what you didn’t even notice at first. You learned to appreciate the companions that I sent to join you on the journey, other girls who knew and loved Me too. And you have come to understand that all that was along the path was allowed by Me. The shade. The song of the birds. The praise of the trees. It’s all been for a gift to you.

                And then, as you matured, challenges came your way. It was inevitable. No one makes it through life life3without trials, my daughter. Life wasn’t always as pleasant and carefree as it used to be, but it became more meaningful. Life, at times, was harder than you’ve ever known it to be. But My plans for you were always good. The steep hills were to strengthen you. The deep grooves of the path were made by those who’ve gone before you. The deep hunger was for Me. The thunderous sound of the water was Me, calling out to you in your weariness. And when you reached the top of that pathway, you saw Me with a clearer perspective.

                And now, in your own life, you are preparing to descend that mountain. Getting down is going to be a journey of its own. The path seems to plunge into deep, dark gorges, between high rocks, where no sunbeam ever falls and no flower ever blooms. At times you will feel like you are grasping at anything to steady you. Remember that I am here for you. I am the only thing solid enough to depend on in this life. And I am the only One that will satisfy your hunger and thirst. Whenever you drink of Me, you will be renewed in your spirit and will have more energy for the journey ahead.

                When you reach the flatland again, continue to walk firmly forward toward the high calling I have for life6you. You may feel weary from the journey but you will be stronger than ever. And before you know it, you’ll be able to sit down beside the river and gaze out onto the sea of eternity with sheer joy. Knowing that it was Me who brought you this far and it will be Me that will lead you home.”

What a day that was. I will never forget it.

I shared this with you because I believe there is a message in this for all of us.

Girls, young ladies, you are just at the beginning of an incredible journey. I am so excited for you. You are in the meadow of childhood. Lace up your hiking shoes and get ready for an amazing trip. Live life to the fullest! Enjoy the days of sunshine and the soft, warm breezes. Laugh, dance, and sing for all you are worth. God is good, and all He does is for our good.

Ladies, we are all in different parts of this journey. Some of us are just entering the forest of girlhood and are working to adjust our eyes to the changes before us. Some are climbing that steep hill of womanhood and all we can hear is the rushing waterfall before us; it’s almost drowning out every other sound. And some of us are on our way down that treacherous mountainside, grasping at whatever is within reach. God is beside us on the path. His plans are not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future.

Older women, you with the crowns of graying hair are women of noble character. (I know, I know. Some of you color your ‘graying hair’ but you still are crowned in my books – crowned with life experience, with wisdom and understanding!) You are virtuous women whose price is far above rubies. I want to thank you today. Thank you for persevering on the path of life. Thank you for marking it out for us, for leaving behind flowers for us to pick and reseed, and most of all, for giving us the gift of your wisdom. Thank you for being willing to share what you’ve learned!

We need you, you know. We crave something more than we did as youth, more than the fleeting pleasures. We crave your words oflife8 encouragement and your good judgment. Your conversations  are of infinite value to us. You’ve gone over some steep mountains and have undoubtedly tumbled into the dark and murky valleys a time or two… and you’ve lived to tell about it. You plodded along the trail when you were weary and faint… but you continued on.

Thank you for telling us about the anxieties, like shadows in the forest that can be saturated with the light of God’s Truth. Thank you for explaining how you traded in childish laughter for deeper and more real joy. Thank you for reminding us that all of our paths lead to the sea of eternity; some paths are longer than others, some are smoother, others more rough, but they all come to an end. You’ve shared your life with us, and that has been a huge gift.


No matter your age or your position on the path of life, you – dear reader – are a gift to the world… and when you give of yourself, youlife7 can make a difference in the life of someone else, for the call to truly share life with one another is for all of us, no matter our age.

I wonder: Is there someone you know that you could bless by sharing your journey? By walking beside her on her path? You can change the landscape of someone’s life by giving of yourself. THANK YOU to all of you that are already doing this. And thank you to those of you who’re committing to step up and do the same.


And a very special THANK YOU

{and Happy Mother’s Day}

to MY mom,

one of those priceless women

who has invested in me, my siblings, and so many other ladies,

with her time, words of encouragement, and practical help.

You are a ruby beyond compare, Mom!

I love you!

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