Clean Windows &Young Kids

Cleaning your house

while your kids are still growing

is like shoveling the walk

before it stops snowing.

–Phyllis Diller

The same could be said of washing windows, in my opinion. Why do we even try, Mommas? How many times have I washed the windows and put away the paper towel only to turn and find two palms pressed against the glass with a nose and forehead leaning firmly between them, innocently staring out the very pane I just wiped! Ahhhh!!!window3

As the frustration begins to well up in my soul, the words of older, wiser women come to mind. “Before you know it, they’ll be gone and you’ll be wishing their little fingerprints were still on your windows to remind you of the days when they were at home.”

Rather than melting in anguish, I choose to speak truth to myself. Yes, I need to be diligent and clean my home… and even the windows on occasion. But no, as long as there are little people living here, the windows won’t stay spotless for long. Neither will the house, for that matter. Things naturally tend toward disorder, not order. And that’s okay! I need to keep things in perspective.  A clean, healthy home is important; relationships with family are essential.

So that means if you stop in for a visit (and please do!), you’ll most likely notice smudged windows. They shouldn’t be filthy; we’ll be washing them this week. But there will probably be visible evidence that I am a blessed woman with busy and curious children in my home! And that’s the way I want it.

(In case you’re inspired to do some window washing of your own, which isn’t likely after reading the last several paragraphs (wink), here is my homemade natural  Glass Cleaner recipe.)windows2


4 oz distilled water

4 oz distilled white vinegar

1/8 t. liquid Ivory detergent

3 drops peppermint (or other) essential oil

(Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and get to work!)


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