A Sticky Subject

This is sort of a sticky topic for my blog…. but I’m not going to shy away from it. Nor am I going to ease into it slowly. I’m just going to take the plunge. So here it is. Ready or not.


Mailing tape.

 See? I told you it was a sticky subject! Ha ha ha!!! Had you worried, didn’t I?  But seriously, tape is sticky and I LOVE tape.

Mailing tape. Packaging tape.  Heavy duty tape. tapeWhatever you want to call it, I am fond of tape. The wide, thick, sticky adhesive is the kind I’m partial to. And I’ve found all sorts of ways to use it. Rolls and rolls and rolls of it over the years.

Here is a partial list of the ways in which I’ve used mailing tape.

  • to attach labels to containers

(turning that old baby-wipes tub into a crayon carton, etc)

  • to attach recipes to containers

(the recipe for my homemade all-purpose cleaner, for example, is right on the bottle… so handy! Saves time and energy when making a new batch.)

  • to make a cast for an arm or leg of an injured doll or teddy

(simply wrap the injured appendage in toilet paper or Kleenex, then roll a bit of mailing tape over the ‘cloth’ bandage and Voila! you’ve got a cast.)

  • to fix book covers that are torn or falling apart

(you knew that one was going to be a part of this list, right?)tape2

  • to “laminate” often-used recipe cards, instruction cards, etc.

(they last longer and are so much easier to wipe off if (when) they get messy!)

  • to attach paper or plastic plates to the picnic table

(I know, I’m weird.  BUT if it’s a nice day outdoors {just a bit WINDY!} and the kids want to eat outside, I’m not too keen on chasing plates around the deck/yard OR refilling plates with new food because the first serving is now grub for the squirrels and ants!!! By taping the plate down, my troubles are the only things that fly away!)

There you have it. A few reasons why a roll of packing tape can always be found near my desk. We’re good friends, Tape and I. We kinda stick together!

(I’d love to hear some of the ways YOU use tape around the home… Will you share your ideas with me??)


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