Shared Adventures

Sharing an adventure has a way of bonding families. And so does listening to a good story together. Through them, we get to know the same people, share emotional experiences, and visit new places. In a story read aloud, we become part of another world…together… as a family.

Reading aloud is a wonderful way to spend the winter evenings, but so is being read to! As a family, we have been enjoying listening to others read stories and books to us, all of us…on cd or over the computer.

Visit your local library to borrow audios

or listen to the stories on the internet

or search for audio books to download for free…

rich tales of wonder and excitement,

courage and loyalty,

trials and entertainment.

It’s a relaxing and fun way to spend time together!

It’s priceless – in more ways than one!!!

Here are a few websites to get you started!toes


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