An Expensive Day

Toddler’s Reign of Terror Costs $2,300 in Repairs

A friend of mine recently posted a picture of crayon scribbling on the seat of their living room sofa with the tag line “yep, we’re officially in the toddler years…”. It reminded me of this Associated Press story datelined Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a humorous, true-life story and it puts ‘crayon on the couch’ in perspective.

     At age 2, Robin Hawkins already is a home wrecker. When she is old enough to ask for an allowance, her father intends to show her a bill for almost $2,300 worth of family belongings she has destroyed in a two-month rampage. pout

     It all started when Alice the Cat went down the drain. “I heard her saying, ‘Bye-bye, fluff-fluff, bye-bye,’” her father, Rowlf Hawkins, said Tuesday. “I ran into the bathroom just in time to watch Alice the Cat go down the toilet.” Cost: $2.50 for the stuffed animal and $62.75 for the plumber.

     One week later, Teddy Bear was placed in the dishwasher—on top of the heating element. Cost: $8 for Teddy Bear, $25 for smoke damage done to the kitchen and $375 for the dishwasher.

     When the Hawkinses returned from a weekend trip, they opened the refrigerator and everything inside it was warm. The repairman found little magnetic letters in the vents. Cost: $3.50 for the magnetic letters, $120 for the ruined food and $310 for the refrigerator.

     “That evening, we sat down to watch TV. When I turned it on, everything was green,” Hawkins said. “Robin had twisted the fine tune so far that it broke inside.” Cost: $115 to repair the television.

     The next day, Robin’s mother, Bernie, went to pick up her husband at work. Robin was sleeping in her safety seat, so Mrs. Hawkins decided to leave her while she ran in to get him. She put the keys in her purse and left the purse in the car. Robin drove the car about 400 feet before running into a tree. Cost: $1,029.52 to repair the car.

     When the Hawkinses returned from grocery shopping one afternoon, they parked the car halfway in the garage and decided to keep Robin strapped in her safety seat while they unloaded the groceries. Then they heard a loud, grinding noise.

     Robin had locked herself in the car and was pushing the control button to the electric garage door and bouncing it off the hood of the car. [i]

Okay. Stop! I can’t take it anymore!! All of that in TWO months??? Thank goodness I cannot top that story! I hope you can’t either!!

My 5th child just turned 5 years old and while we’re officially through the toddler stage, we still have some interesting episodes now and again. That’s just part of raising kids, right? After reading the above article, I hope your latest experiences in the trenches of motherhood seem a little less dramatic…

flourYes, it happened to you. The writing on the couch, the wall, the table. Glasses in the garbage. A stray diaper in the washing machine. Pages torn from that favorite book. It happened. And it might happen again. But one of these days, it WILL be over. No stage lasts forever.

And when you get through it and are able to reflect back on the toddler years in your home, you will smile, laugh, and rejoice. You WILL survive!! The days sometimes seem oh-so-long, but the years go by quickly (in retrospect). You WILL make it through the toddler stage,

and before you know it you’ll be headed straight into the teen years.


So while they’re still toddling around, capture the memories – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the adorable. Write down those hilarious sayings. Snap a few more pictures. Snuggle for a few more stories together. And share your joys and frustrations with another Momma. At least you’re not trying to raise Robin Hawkins!

Don’t walk this path alone.

Link up.

A single stick can be broken by a child but a bundle of sticks is strong!

{AP story copied from [1] Rainey, Dennis. The Tribute (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishes, 1994), 72-73.}


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