No Stinkin’ Way! (A Deodorant Recipe)

Perspiring is the pits, isn’t it? It’s just awful! But let’s be honest. We all sweat. And we all stink.

Sweating is a natural, normal way for your body to rid itself of toxins… but it doesn’t have to cause you to smell bad.

Some products claiming to be superbly successful in this arena are truly un-healthy. If the product you’re using is an antiperspirant (meaning it’s going to keep you from perspiring…by clogging up your sweat glands!), it isn’t a good idea. Your Maker gave you a natural way to cool down and excrete numerous toxins. Don’t fight it! And if what you’re using is a deodorant (meant to keep you from smelling bad), check to see what it’s using to keep you fresh-scented. Read the ingredient list. Do you know what’s in it?

Here’s the recipe we’ve been using for two years. Compared to all the other ‘natural’ deodorants we’ve purchased and used, we think this one is the most successful at totally eliminating odor. It also keeps us pretty dry – an added bonus!  (Thanks, Alan and Tari, for sharing it with us!)


1/4c. cornstarch (or arrowroot powder)

1/4c. baking sodadeodorant

4-6T. coconut oil – softened if necessary

1t. glycerin (optional)

A few drops of an essential oil – of your own scent-preference (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until fully combined and creamy. You may use a fork and/or your fingers.

Pack into an empty deodorant container or a small bowl with a lid.

Apply as necessary.

Now – seven side-comments.

#1. Sometimes, when I put on the deodorant, it can feel a bit dry. It may even flake or crumble a bit upon application. Occasionally I adjust the recipe and add a bit more glycerin or coconut oil. It varies depending on the time of year and the normal indoor temperature.

#2. Those with sensitive skin may find putting in less of the ‘dry’ ingredients is helpful.

#3. Placing the tube under a small stream of water before applying it may be helpful. Another option is to put the recipe in a small jar with a lid and then wet your fingers before scooping a bit out and rubbing it in.

#4. It can leave a slightly white residue on the armpits. But I’ve learned to just put up with it. Most days of the year I have a sleeved shirt on anyway. And for the few times when my armpits are visible (and it matters!), I can either (a) not worry about it, (b) go without D.O, or (c) use a purchased ‘clear’ brand. I’m not a purist! I just like to do what’s best MOST of the time!

#5. Some people mix together the two dry ingredients and then apply that using a powder pad. It can be a bit messy but it wipes right off with a wet cloth. (Did you know, however, that adding the coconut oil gives your deodorant some added benefits? Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and immune boosting qualities and also moisturizes the skin.)

#6. At less than a dollar a batch, it’s a frugal recipe!deodorant2

#7. While the ingredients are all edible, I don’t recommend eating it to help with your halitosis!


Many sites on the internet applaud this same recipe. Lyndsay (from is one of them! Check out what she had to say about commercial deodorants.

Did you know that nearly all commercial deodorants contain aluminum salts, usually aluminum chlorohydrate? Manufacturers like aluminum because it effectively suppresses perspiration but the metal has a dark side once it makes its way into our body. Aluminum toxicity has been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other health issues. It is especially important for women to take thought to the harmful aluminum materials in deodorant as it has been linked to breast cancer, being that the breast tissue extends up into the armpits. Most commercial deodorants also contain parabens, which act as preservatives and stabilizers, but which like aluminum can be absorbed into the skin. Parabens mimic estrogen, and though the amounts we absorb on a daily basis might be small, over time, the accumulation can be significant.”


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