Get To Know Your Monkeys

Christmas Break is just beginning.

In less than a week, you’ll be singing along to “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” and will really mean it when you get to the line “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.”

Why is it that soon after beginning the break we’ve been looking forward to that we start to go NUTS because our kids are constantly underfoot with “nothing to do”?!?!?

Could it be because “Jane Goodall knows her monkeys better than I know mine”?

Rather than bemoan the fact that you have to figure out how to keep your chimpanzees contented over break, use this time to get to know them better (not just keep them ‘busy’!).

I’ve always enjoyed being a people-watcher. Now, as a mother, I have learned to become a child-watcher. It really does amaze me that so many people living together under the same roof can be so extremely different! But different doesn’t mean bad and shouldn’t mean annoying! It’s just different.

Ask God to help you become a better student of your child(ren). Watch carefully, ask questions and learn each child’s strengths and areas of weaknesses. (But watch your perspective when it comes to areas of weakness. Look long term. Decide if, down the road, the weakness will be a huge deal (tendencies to lie or cheat) or not (messy room)? )

Put more energy and time into developing their strengths this vacation. Find areas that they enjoy and excel or are gifted in. Invest – WITH your child – in that area. I’ll bet that, if you do that, your down time together as a family will be remembered with great fondness… and will probably be what they remember most about this Christmas break. Yes, even more than the presents under the tree!

Merry Christmas to you AND to your little monkeys!

One thought on “Get To Know Your Monkeys

  1. My little monkeys have no patience, but the Lord nourishes my nerves. 😉
    Hope you have a super holiday season. Merry Christmas!
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Uncle Tree

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