Wonder Spray – All-purpose Household Cleaner

Here’s another cleaning recipe that you can make for yourself… It is totally safe and non-toxic. The kids and I use this on floors, walls, toilets, and countertops.


In a large squirt bottle, combine 2 T. white vinegar and 1 t. Borax.

Then add 16 oz. hot distilled or purified water.

(This is too avoid water spots that come with tap water.)

Secure the top and shake.

Finally add either 1/4 c. liquid Castile soap or 1/8 c. Ivory dish detergent.

If you’d like, you can scent it with 15 – 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

(I prefer a lemon and lavender combination.)

Your new household cleaner is ready to be used!  Grab your squirt bottle, a rag or paper towel, and clean away with your Wonder Spray, Wonder Woman!

P.S. The squirt bottle selection IS important. Get one that will continue to mist your cleaner for years!  Don’t skimp on the squirt bottle… The cheap ones don’t last very long!

P.P.S. For information on where to find liquid Castile soap and the average cost, see the Earth Paste – A Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner post on my blog.


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