When Mother Reads Aloud

When Mother Reads Aloud

When Mother reads aloud, the past

Seems real as every day;

I hear the tramp of armies vast,

I see the spears and lances cast,

I join the thrilling fray.

Brave knights and ladies fair and proud

I meet when Mother reads aloud.

When Mother reads aloud, far lands

Seem very near and true;

I cross the desert’s gleaming sands,

Or hunt the jungle’s prowling bands,

Or sail the ocean blue.

Far heights, whose peaks the cold mists shroud,

I scale, when Mother reads aloud.

When Mother reads aloud, I long

For noble deeds to do-

To help the right, redress the wrong;

It seems so easy to be strong,

So simple to be true.

Oh, thick and fast the visions crowd

My eyes, when Mother reads aloud.

I understand that culture offers plenty of examples to follow. Children naturally find someone they admire and then quickly put them on a pedestal to idolize and mimic. There is a difference between a celebrity and a hero, however. The former is known for being well known. The later is known for worthy actions. Children have a hard time distinguishing between the two. That’s our job. To make the distinction clear. To point out ‘what actions merit honor and which individuals deserve to be admired.’  One place to look for heroes to introduce to your children is in good books!  Children find heroes for life when mothers and fathers read, “Once upon a time…”

(Poem and thoughts adapted from The Children’s Book of Heroes, edited by William J. Bennett.)


For some fabulous book reviews done BY KIDS, go to: bookiewoogie.blogspot.com/

It’s some kids and their dad (an author/illustrator himself), talkin’ about books!

On their blog, they say: “We love the written word. We love art. Children’s books are a place where those two things come together beautifully. Here at Bookie Woogie we pick our favorite books, review them, and create some accompanying fan art. We invite you to participate too: please chime in with your thoughts and comments!”

It’s a fun place to browse… I highly recommend it!

KIDS know which books KIDS like! 


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