The Most Effective Beauty Aid

Have you ever seen a lady in desperate need of a make-over? Of course you’d never say that to her face, but you’ve thought it just the same. I admit it. I have, too. I’ve seen several that need to read what I’m about to share. Because it just might change the entire course of their life.

All over the city, I’ve passed by women that the world would consider stunning. Physically attractive. Very well dressed. Confident in every way. A model of beauty in appearance. And yet, these are some of the very same women that need to know about this most effective beauty aid.

Don’t worry.It’s not expensive. You can afford it – no matter your income.

This most effective beauty aid is FREE. It is a product called “A Joyful Smile”.

My little girls (ages 7, 5, and 4) already ask if they ‘look cute’. My standard answer has been “only when you have a happy heart!  Let me see your face.” They’ve learned to respond with a sweet little grin. And that smile does make them beautiful… even if they’re wearing a stained shirt, ripped jeans and have not yet brushed their hair!

True beauty comes from the inside out. I’ll never forget my neighbor telling me about his ex-wife spending long periods of time getting ready to go out. When she was finished, he’d say, she never really looked beautiful to him because of the way she acted! Others thought she was a gorgeous little gal but he knew what she was like at home…and it wasn’t very pretty! Always a crab. Always a nag. Never happy.

Everyone is drawn to a happy face. A face that smiles with the lips and the eyes. You can have a total make-over of your own by simply following this three-step application for the product “A Joyful Smile”.

1. Learn to think TRUTH about yourself, your priorities, your marriage, your children, your emotions, God, etc. (A great source is the book Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss) Revive Our Hearts…..

2. Learn to give THANKS for the things you already have. (A favorite resource on this topic is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp) A Holy Experience…..

3. Learn to put on a SMILE every day. It’s the one sure way to dress for success. (A study titled Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl has been very helpful) No Greater Joy…..

You can’t afford to pass up “A Joyful Smile”. Right thinking (TRUTH) leads to right speaking (giving THANKS) which leads to right living (with a joyful SMILE!).

Change your perspective. Change your outlook. Change your future!

What is reflected on your face today?


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