Bed Without Protest

I’ve seen a number of posts lately about children and sleep issues. The most common difficulty – the kiddos aren’t going to sleep without a fight and aren’t sleeping long enough.

I gladly collapse on my mattress. I can easily drift off to sleep in a matter of minutes. Children, on the other hand, often protest when asked to get into bed. What is their problem?!?!

There are numerous books that focus on sleep and children. Some advice is irrational. Some confusing. And other guidance, like the following bit of counsel, is downright comical (From How to Raise Children at Home in Your Spare Time, Stein and Day, 1966).

It is usually best to have a nap right after lunch. After lunch simply say, in a breezy, cheerful, self-confident, firm but not harsh, assured but not domineering, soft but audible tone, It is time to have our NAPPIE now.” If you have done this properly, most children, not all children, will usually, not always, sometimes, go to bed without protesting.

There you have it. A little direction from some experts. Hope that’s a big help to you today. Let me know how it worked!  I’m looking forward to hearing back from you…



One thought on “Bed Without Protest

  1. Love the “usually, but and always “. All I can say is, be consistent. But that too only lasts till they are so old then naps go bye- bye. LOL

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