Sizzle, Scrub, and Flush – For a Cleaner Toilet Bowl

Today, I thought I’d share with you a trouble-free and natural toilet cleaning method. In fact, it’s so effortless that you’ll want to use it every day! Before I give you the ‘how-to’, though, I’d like to make a recommendation. If you get yourself a small bottle of essential oil*, you’ll make this super cleaning chore a super, pleasant-smelling cleaning experience! Remember, the essential oil is optional but I’d recommended it. Now, for the simple ‘sizzle, scrub and flush’ plan…

All you need to undertake the porcelean throne is a jug of (scented**) distilled white vinegar and a box of baking soda, a ½ c. plastic measuring cup and a good toilet brush.  Put a ½ c. baking soda in the bowl and add ½ c. white vinegar. Then, let it sizzle, scrub it with the brush and flush it down.  Job done!  Now, set the vinegar, baking soda and measuring cup in a bathroom cupboard below the sink (no need to place this cleaner on a top shelf or in a locked cabinet!) and you’re ready for the next cleaning.

Very simple, right?  And effective!  When you clean this way, your septic tank and nearby streams thank you, small children in your home are safer, and you feel good about what you’re doing to live a more ‘natural’ life! And hey, since producing a sanitary lavatory is this easy, you can even pass the baton (or should I say toilet brush?) on to most any member of the home and let them take a flush at it, as well!


*A half-ounce (.5oz) bottle of essential oil can be found at Meijer for around $8.  This would give you enough to scent 8 gallons of vinegar!

Aura Cacia Essential Oil - Peppermint - 1 Bottle (.5 oz)

**How to make scented, distilled white vinegar (OPTIONAL): To scent 1 gallon with peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil add 50 drops (½ tsp.), with tea tree or lavender essential oil add 75 drops (¾ tsp). Of course, fewer drops will produce a lighter scent!  How about a combo of lemon and lavender?  Math alert: if you’re using less than a gallon of vinegar, use less essential oil.


P.S.  I also keep a bit of the scented vinegar in a small squirt bottle to occasionally clean around the base of the toilet or on the lid/seat.

P.P.S.  My favorite essential oil to add to distilled white vinegar is peppermint! It makes my bathroom so ‘peppy’!


3 thoughts on “Sizzle, Scrub, and Flush – For a Cleaner Toilet Bowl

  1. 1/2 cup of baking soda is a lot when we have 3 bathrooms….do you get large quantities of baking soda somewhere?

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