We All Scream….for Ice Cream

During the warmest months of the year, ice cream is our favorite family treat. Mint chocolate chip. Strawberry. Cherry-chocolate. Even plain old vanilla with a few toppings will do (except the newest topping – bacon bits – which my husband insisted I try last night. Ugh! Not for this gal!).

Long ago, when ice cream was made at home with milk, eggs and sugar, having a bowl now and then didn’t do much harm. But today, if you’re accustomed to simply reaching in the local grocery freezer to bring home a tasty dessert, you may be surprised at just what you’re ingesting.

As is true with many food products in our mass produced, synthetic age, what you “assume” you’re eating (based on the label, the looks and the taste) may be a mirage. Ingredient lists can be helpful, but be aware that ice cream manufacturers are not required to list the ‘additives’ used in their product.

I’ll refrain from unleashing all I’ve learned about this scrumptious topic, but if you’d like to know what antifreeze, lice killer and oil paint solvents have in common with a banana split sundae, check with the PPNF Health Journal.

Homemade ice cream has never been difficult to make. It’s gotten even easier since we’re no longer required to crank it by hand. A modern, electric ice cream maker can be purchased brand new for $25 or $30 (although they can run up to $93 I’ve noticed!). However, I’ve seen them on numerous occasions at second-hand stores for around $10 (what a steal!).

Recipes on-line are plentiful. Even dairy-free versions (which we make using Almond Milk). With a few common ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, you can make a batch of ice cream and surprise a special someone in your life with a cold, appetizing and refreshing dessert – that you can eat with a clear conscience! After all, it is summer… I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM


2 thoughts on “We All Scream….for Ice Cream

  1. Hey girlie… have you tried using coconut milk for ice cream? just reading the line about antifreeze, lice killer, and oil paint solvents has me cringing. we’ve worked toward more plant-based nutrition in our house… so ice cream is a special treat. would be even better if it were homemade with REAL ingredients! 🙂

    • Yes – we HAVE used coconut milk. It’s fabulous. Rice milk works too. We avoid dairy and soy due to allergies … Almond milk is our favorite (for the ice cream) but coconut is delicious also! We also enjoy making it with whole milk, eggs and sugar (for those in the house that don’t have to avoid dairy). I think just about any homemade ice cream is wonderful! Have fun. 🙂

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