You Don’t Need Conditioner…

Here is one way that I’ve found to save some time and money…and to use something that is all-natural on my hair.  I put away the conditioner bottle and replaced it with a simple “rinse”.  The recipe for the ‘Rinse’(a.k.a. Hair Clarifier) is 2T. apple cider vinegar and 1 c. water.  {For a larger batch, ½ c. apple cider vinegar and 4 c. water.} Pour or squirt it on the ends of your hair after regular washing, let it rest, and then rinse.  It leaves my hair feeling smooth and tangle-free! My husband and children use it as well.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “doesn’t it STINK? Have you ever smelled apple cider vinegar?”  Yes, I’ve smelled it.  In fact, I use it often (both for my hair and in baking!), but I promise you – your hair will NOT smell after you rinse it out. Give it a try!

FYI – Vinegar is used in many homemade recipes for cleaning as well.  This is always ‘distilled white vinegar’. However, in baking and in recipes for body care, go with the apple cider vinegar!

Okay – one more tip!  I also keep a combination of water, a.c.vinegar and a few drops of essential oil in a squirt bottle to use as a hair detangler for my girls.  It definitely does smell if you just use the vinegar and water as a detangler (since you’re not rinsing it out!) but a few drops of essential oil (like peppermint or sweet orange) cover up the odor and make brushing a breeze (a friendly smelling breeze, I might add!).


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