Smooth as Silk Moisturizer

Have you ever, in a moment of curiosity (or sheer boredom) looked at the ingredients in your beauty products?  How do you even say some of those words?  I always wonder – if I can’t pronounce the ingredient and don’t know what it truly is, do I really want to use it on my body?

Your skin is your body’s largest detoxifying organ. We already know that placing things on our skin (on the outside) really does affect things inside of us. Just think of pain-killing creams and anti-smoking patches. The skin absorbs what we place on it or what it’s exposed to and there is an internal ramification.  And so I asked myself, do I want to use just any product on my body, regardless of the ingredients?  My answer, “No.”  And so the research, for me, began. I found myself overwhelmed, shocked, surprised, and spurred on to find some different, more natural ways to care for my body.  Ways that, quite honestly, often matched up with the way ‘Grandma’ used to do it!

Take soft, supple skin, for example.  Something we’d all love to have. After all, who wants dry, flaky skin? Itchy skin? Patchy skin?  No one. We are willing to try all sorts of things to get ‘the skin we want’.  Yet it’s not always an easy fix… finding the ‘problem’, that is.  Your skin condition could be a reaction to what your skin is exposed to (maybe what you’re currently putting on it). It could be a reaction to what you’re eating (an allergic reaction or sensitivity). It could be a lack of adequate hydration (simply drinking enough water).  I cannot diagnose, and sadly many doctors can’t either… but I can give you something to try.  And if you do try it, at least you’ll know for sure what you’re allowing your largest organ to drink up.

Today I want to share with you a quick and easy recipe for a moisturizer that I’ve found and used and enjoyed. And it has only two ingredients.  Aloe vera gel and glycerin. Yes, that’s all.  Aloe vera gel is made from a plant that is known for its healing effects. It is often used as a skin healer, moisturizer and softener. It is good for acne, blemishes, and eczema as well as cuts, stings, bruises and burns.  And vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate that is derived from plant oils and is used by many as a natural moisture restorer for dry or chapped skin.  So you see, both are completely natural and safe and eco-friendly! And believe it or not, it really is what Grandma used…although she just broke off a leaf of her aloe plant whereas I have purchased the pre-extracted gel!

Here’s what you need to do. First, find a container that you can seal air-tight. Maybe a glass baby food jar, or small plastic container with an easy to open lid.  Wash the container and dry it.  Mix the following two ingredients in the container (¼ cup of aloe vera gel and 1 T. glycerin).Close the lid. Write the date to be used by (4 months from the time you make it) on the side or lid and put it in your bathroom drawer for daily use!

Application method?  Dampen you skin.  Dab on a bit. Massage it in. You’re done.  Not only will this save you money, it will also relieve your mind.  You know what’s in it. You know it’s natural.  You know Grandma would be proud. And you know how to make your own moisturizer!  Have fun.

Smooth as Silk Moisturizer = ¼ c. aloe vera gel and 1T. glycerin


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